Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Few verses...

I haven't written anything in 2 years, I guess I had to make a pause...
But I am willing to start all this again and retake the blog.  Just for myself, not for anyone else. If you, who are reading those lines, want to join this journey; I would ne delighted to share it with you.

Today I am posting some verses I just wrote:

Burnt eyes with contained tears
Broken smiles that cover up
The pain, the fear and the sadness
That now fills your soul

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Letter to 2014

2013 was overall a good year and it ended in the best way possible. I started the year full of hope, happiness and love. Little I knew, that 2014 was going to be a rocky one.
This morning, I was shown a video where a little girl talks about how life is like a train on which you get on. Some passengers will travel with you for most of your trip until they have to get off eventually, others will hop off in different stations at different times depending on each one's circumstances.
But all those persons will make an impact on you, the same way you'll make an impact on them. We need to learn how to say goodbye and how to let go the people that decide to stop sharing the trip with you; and cherish and appreciate those who make your trip part of theirs.
In 2014 I had a big monetary loss, I was sick for most part of it, I lost very and pretty much essential people in my life (some moved far away and some just left my side) and I got to see my dreams shatter twice.
That along with the usual baggage that I carry from the past and for what I am working hard to leave in one of the stations where my train passes by ( work in progress, almost full completion)
But 2014 also showed me who was by my side and brought me too lots of new and amazing people.
People who have been there for me when I needed them, consciously or not, and whose words have encouraged me during the difficult times and have made me believe in myself. Maybe those people don't know or maybe they do, but I found in their words the strength to carry on.
I've learned how hurtful is to see your dreams turned into pieces twice, but I've also learned to collect those pieces patiently and put them together to start reconstructing those dreams or build new ones.
I've learned that you can't please everyone and certainly you can't make everyone like you. So if people don't accept you for who you are, then it isn't worth suffering to change their mind.
I've also learned that those who truly love you, will stick with you no matter what and will find ways to do so if they sense you are slowly moving away.
And finally I've learned that even when you think you aren't strong anymore and that you can't cope with anything else; you try your one last push and that's the one that get you out from the darkness. Like when the Phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes.
Thanks to each and one of you that has been part of my life in 2014 and is still with me. I look forward to seeing you all and share more moments in 2015.
2015 will be a good year and we're ready to kick asses :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One of those unfinished songs...

Don't hold my hand if you are later gonna let it go.
Don't stop me leaving for you to be the first.
Looking into your eyes is just not the same
The complicity and love are gone

The feel of your touch vanishes with the passing of the days
and your scent is now lost in the memory lane.
I search  among the crowd for that person I once met
but I've reached the conclusion that he's only on my mind.

Million of shattered pieces cover the floor in my room,
everyday I put them all together, to see them fall again.
If I only could unwind the clock,
I would hold your hand so tight.

If I only could...

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Inocencia suele ser confundida con ingenuidad, o quizas ingenuidad se utilice como termino despectivo de la inocencia.
Para que las relaciones entre seres humanos funcionen tiene que haber de lo uno o de lo otro, especialmente cuando se tratan de relaciones de amor.
No se puede amar a alguien del que dudas o del que desconfias; no solo porque nunca seras capaz de dar todo tu amor a alguien que temes te danyara o te mentira, si no tambien por la agonia que te produce estar con alguien del que dudas constantemente.

La gente dice que esta desconfianza es generada como herramienta de modo de proteccion, ese famoso escudo o capa de hielo invisible que protege a las personas de hacerse danyo, de sufrir, de derramar lagrimas, de sentir ese dolor que parte un corazon en dos que solo un desenganyo amoroso produce.

Todo el mundo en algun momento u otro ha sentido ese dolor, esa punzada profunda que atraviesa tu pecho y hace que te falte la respiracion a la vez que te ahogas en lagrimas.
Como se explica uno que unas palabras o hechos puedan doler fisicamente (dejemos a parte el dolor emocional) mas que una agresion fisica? Y es, en casos como este, donde se encuentra uno con el asombroso y misterioso universo y seres que lo conforman.
Seguro que cientificos han intentado dar alguna explicacion a estos sucesos ligandolos a impulsos nerviosos o a reacciones aprendidas de la cultura adquirida. Pero si nos fijamos en los animales, ellos como seres no racionales, tambien tienen reacciones similares a las nuestras.

Volviendo al tema, yo admito ser una persona inocente o ingenua. Quiero creer en las personas y a pesar de alardear tener una coraza, acabo sucumbiendo a las dulces palabras que te embelesan los primeros meses. Mi cerebro no para de recordarme que las palabras se las lleva el viento, y que lo que cuentan son los hechos; que el camino se hace andando y que los cuentos por bonitos que sean, cuentos son.
Pero en la batalla del cerebro y el corazon solo puede haber un ganador y generalmente es el corazon; y por mucho que hable mi Pepito Grillo, las palabras acaban en el vacio.

El problema viene cuando mi corazon empieza a justificar hechos en base a promesas y palabras que se han dicho despues. Todos cometemos errores y todos nos equivocamos, a veces se hiere a la persona que menos quieres herir... pero por que ese afan de aferrarse a palabras cuando los hechos se han desvanecido? por que ese temor a perder a esa persona? Por que tirar de esa goma que esta desgastada y que va a acabar azotandote en la nariz?

Y lo peor, por que siempre se vuelve a caer?
Quizas es porque quiero creer en que la gente nace inocente y es inocente, quiero creer que la gente cuando hiere no es a proposito y que todo pasa por circumstancias de la vida o porque las cosas tenian que pasar asi. Me arriesgo a que jueguen con mi corazon como si jugasen con una pelota de futbol... pero cuantos maravillosos y magicos momentos de amor me perderia si me pusiera en guardia? O quizas esos momentos solo existen porque yo quiero que existan?

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Love Storyline...

When songs can only express what words can't....

The beginning...

Falling in love...

Our Song...

Happiest time of my life, found my other half...

Falling in a dark hole...

Heart getting broken and the illusion of having the perfect love...

Internal fight between mind and heart...

And my heart wins asking to forgive...

But I feel lost and cold....

And then we move to hell....

Time comes for a break...

We think love can win everything and trespass any obstacle...

But this time things are different...

And after a while of battling to keep the love alive a conclusion is reached...

And the last hope lingers through my fingers...

Awakening and meeting the abrupt reality...

To find the end...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Summer's goodbye

The last breeze shakes the summer haze,
while weak sunny rays caress her face.
In a journal she writes the remnant of her story until then,
one step closer to lose her innocence.

She lingers her fingers through her hair,
wishing that bit of childness  would stay with her.
Nothing lasts forever, they usually say
and dreams are made for those who are unfortunate.

The vast fields present themselves with open skies,
guiding the path to the future and leaving the past behind.
There is no secondary paths or chance to turn back,
her destiny will lead her by the hand.

Eyes fixed in the horizon and firm will,
she departs to what her future will be.
Tears will trace the metamorphosis
of turning into a woman.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

When I'm gone

And when I disappear,
Everything else will leave with me,
The feelings, the memories, my scent.
The time will erase my trail
leaving a gap
that will be filled with someone else’s essence.
There will be no second chances or what ifs,
there will be no opportunity for those words that were left to be said.