Tuesday, May 31, 2011

True love it does exist

Somebody was telling me a story the other day that I believe it deserves to be told, regardless of the sadness that involves it . Such proof of love shows that when people are really in love, they are willing to give anything that is in their hands for the loved one and words like sacrifice, hope, pain and effort acquire a different level of meaning.
I know I related a similar story before in this blog, but in that story the main characters had a different situation, age and expectations.
The story is about a young girl and a young guy, in their late twenties, both good looking with well respected jobs and a good economic status.
They were sweethearts since they met in secondary school and since then, they became inseparable. When they finished their leaving cert the two of them went to college, studied a degree, got jobs and decided to get an apartment together. Their life could have been easier since their families were wealthy enough, but they didn't want to rely on that.
All of a sudden, in a no particular day she started feeling bad... diziness, headaches, sickness but she thought it was probably due to the stress she was suffering at work. Day after day, the bad symptoms increased in intensity and became more constant so the couple decided to visit the doctor.
The terrible news didn't take long to arrive, she had a brain tumour. Doctors were rather hopeful towards the situation and the two young ones decided to fight and win the battle.
They were trying to live the life as they have planned before they found the news and he purposed her one night. They were going to get married when the doctors were expecting the things to be half way sorted.
The girl as any bride would act, was ubber excited. She arranged the venue, the dress, invitations...everything!
Time was passing by and she was not feeling any improvement; all the contrary, she was feeling worse every day. Finally, doctors announced the family that the tumour that was removed had re appeared again and that she had little time left.
Her fiancee convinced her to go on with the wedding, but she had no strenghts left. Her family changed the venue, as the other one could not host the wedding on a sooner day, and organised everything. They were devastated with the news and completely dishearten, but tried to fulfill their daughter's wishes in the best way they could.
The day of the wedding she was really weak, she had to absent herself few times of the reception so that she could rest and recover herself. The bride didn't want any help or people to stop joining themselves because she wanted the things to carry on as normally as they could be.
It was the best reflection of what a bittersweet moment is. Three days later she passed away.

It broke my heart to hear the story and brought my eyes in to tears as it is happening now while I'm writting about it. It's a horrible fate, but at least she went away with the happiness of knowing how beloved she was and being accompanied all the way till the end. She never walked alone

Noticias desde el teclado

Todo el mundo tiene amigos que se encuentran lejos.
Amigos de los que son de toda la vida o, a lo mejor, no de los que se conocen desde hace tanto; pero que son amigos de verdad.
Amigos que se han ido a otra ciudad o a otro pais, porque en su ciudad no encontraban las oportunidades que buscaban o porque quizas hayan encontrado el amor en otro sitio. A lo mejor eres tu el que se ha ido lejos...
Pero son amigos que sabes que estaran ahi siempre que los necesites, pase lo que pase. Puede que pase un tiempo sin que hableis, el dia a dia puede ocupar gran parte del tiempo de las personas y las preocupaciones hace que a veces te olvides de escribir ese mail que tenias pendiente desde hace meses y estas cansado y te dices a ti mismo..."de manyana si que no pasa".
Pero pasa manyana, y pasado, y el otro....Y un dia abres tu mail y te encuentras un email de esa persona. Te dice lo mucho que te echa de menos y como ha ido su vida, te cuenta todas las buenas nuevas que tiene y hace mencion a ciertos problemas que se ha encontrado en el pasado.
Si os dais cuenta, ninguno de esos vuestros amigos, escriben emails con problemas que les pasan actualmente siempre los cuentan en pasado.
Seguramente a vosotros os pase lo mismo, esperais a que hayan tiempos mejores para escribir esos emails y realmente quereis que las cosas mejoren para poder contar a esos amigos todo lo que ha pasado. Encontrar un trabajo que os satisface, un amor que realmente parece el definitivo, hacer nuevos amigos, apuntarse a esas clases de baile que siempre habiais querido hacer pero que nunca habiais podido porque no habia dinero, nueva casa...
Y mientras la vida pasa, y toma giros inesperados y caminos que parecen mas abruptos que lisos pero uno no pierde la esperanza en que cambiara y en que finalmente un dia mandara ese email.
La realidad es que es dificil, es dificil escribir las cosas malas porque es como que se hacen mas fuertes y mas patentes y a la vez te hacen recordad todo aquello que no te va bien y que no te gusta, mientras que cuando las escribes cuando ya han pasado te hacen sentir orgulloso porque has sido capaz de lidiar con ellas...
¿Os pasa a vosotros lo mismo?


News sent from the keyboard

Everybody has friends that are away.
Friends that you have had since forever, or perhaps, you have met them recently, but people who are real friends.
Some of these friends might have moved to a different city or country, because in their home cities they could not find the opportunities that they were looking for or may be they found love somewhere else. Sometimes, you are the one who has moved somewhere else...
But these are friends that you know they will be by your side not matter what, everytime you need them they will help you out. It can happen that you can stay without talking for while, days can get really busy and the daily worries can keep you so occupied that you forget to write that email that is been pending for a good while or you might be tired that day. Then you think " I'll send that email tomorrow for sure"
But tomorrow comes, and the day after tomorrow and days pass by and that email is never sent. One day you open your inbox and you find an email from your friend telling you how much s/he misses you, how things are going on, the good news and the bad moments that has encountered in the past and how these things had been resoluted.
May be that is what happen to you and the reason why you never write that email, you are hoping for the good news to come or the things to improve to be able to tell them to your friends. A new job or the job you ever wished, that person you think is the right one, a new car, house or even small things such how you started those dance lessons you always wanted to do but you couldn't coz there was no money...
In the meantime, the life keeps its course and takes unexpected turns or paths and some of them can result difficult or even unbearable; but we still wait hoplessly for that day when things will improve or completely change. That day you will send that email that is been bothering you because you know you have to send it.
What nobody knows is that is hard, it is hard to write the problems or bad moments down; it is like if you were openly recognising them and somehow you face them in a deeper way. They become more real and remind you all the things you try to avoid or to forget. Once you overcome them you are happy to write them down because it makes you proud to see how you managed to battle them.
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